Who I Am:

As the mother of two little boys and a current member of the Estes Park Board of Education, I am passionate about high-quality public education and its role in building strong communities. I believe that strong schools, with high expectations and a broad range of opportunities for all kinds of kids, are the best gift we can give the next generation. I’m a former middle school science teacher who found a passion for education while completing a Masters in Teaching and a Masters in Geophysics. I grew up in a small, rural town in upstate New York, and lived in Boston, MA and Houston, TX before moving to Estes Park 5 years ago. I’m a dog-lover who’s happiest in the woods, but I also love curling up with a good book or my latest knitting project.

Why I'm Running:

When I stepped out of the classroom to care for my sons full time, it was important to me to find another way to be of service in my community and to stay involved with public education. Serving on the Board of Education was a natural fit. My goal is to help make the Estes schools a great place to learn and a great place to work. Over the past four years, I’ve been focused on making sure our teachers and staff have the high quality professional development and instructional coaching they need in order to give our kids the best education possible. I believe that we are doing the right work to address our previous shortfalls and am committed to seeing that work continue. And coming from a strong science background, I am dedicated to using accurate data to drive instructional decisions, make sound financial choices, and meet the unique needs of the amazing kids who live in our district.

What I Believe:

Some of you may have seen a “Christian Voter Guide” on social media in recent days. This survey asked school board candidates to either agree or disagree with a series of questions, concerning a range of topics from parents’ rights to children’s gender identity. When I read through the survey questions, I saw a survey intended to sow discord and division. Nowhere did I see the Christian values of love, acceptance, service, or charity.

And because my only option was to agree or disagree with biased statements, I chose not to participate. But I want to make my position on these issues clear:

1. The truth of American history is that white people have long had advantages that other racial groups did not. We need to acknowledge that fact and work to right injustices that persist today.

2. I agree that parents have the right, and the responsibility, to view their children’s records and school materials, and to be notified if there is a need for medical or mental health care.

3. Several high school students have reached out to say they want the school culture to be more inclusive and for more students to participate in extracurricular activities. I agree, and I believe that transgender students should be allowed to fully participate in sports, regardless of the gender assigned at birth.

4. I agree that sex education should be age-appropriate, and believe that students deserve accurate information on how to stay safe and healthy once they become sexually active.

5. I believe that all people have the right to self-determination: to choose the name, identity, and pronouns that fit them. A teacher’s job is to educate, respect, and care for the children in their classes, not to impose their own beliefs about gender or sexuality.

I believe in truth, respect, and acceptance. I believe ALL kids should feel safe and welcome in our schools. If you would like to know more, please reach out to me at danielle4epkids@gmail.com


Danielle Wolf


My husband of 12 years, David, is the Estes Valley Fire Protection District Chief. Our two boys attend Estes Park Elementary School.

School Board Experience:

Director on the Estes Park Board of Education since 2017, where I have focused on:

  • Improving instructional outcomes for all kids through the adoption of nationally recognized, research-based curricula

  • Increasing access to high quality professional development and instructional coaching for our teachers so they can continue to grow and improve as educators

  • Ensuring students have access to a wide range of educational opportunities, most notably in the new Career and Technical Education building at the High School

Professional Experience & Education:

  • ASPIRE award winner for exceptional student growth as a 6th grade science teacher at Hogg Middle School in Houston, TX, 2014

  • National Science Teachers Association New Science Teacher Academy Fellowship winner, 2013

  • BA magna cum laude in Earth Science, Boston University

  • Master of Arts in Teaching, Cornell University

  • Master of Science in Geophysics, Cornell University

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