Who I Am:

First and foremost, I'm "Mom" to two little boys, ages 3 and 6, who are currently enrolled in Estes Park Elementary and Mountaintop Childcare and "Wife" to my amazing husband of 15 years. When I'm not in my Mom and Wife-mode, I'm a passionate educator who has served as a classroom teacher and volleyball coach, instructional coach, and state department of education/district specialist. While my family and I have only lived in Estes for about 2 years, we know it's where we want to raise our boys as it embodies all we love about small towns! It has been my honor for the last 7 months to serve as a Director on the Estes Park School District's Board of Education, and I'm here to hopefully be able to continue that work!

Why I'm Running:

As a career educator, I believe deeply in our public education system and the impact School Boards have on those systems. As a mom of two little boys who will go through the Estes Park School District, I want to know I have worked to ensure they and their classmates have access to the best educational experience the district can provide. As a former classroom teacher, I want to ensure our Estes Park educators have all the support needed and systems in place to help our students thrive. As a former specialist in education policy, I want to identify local opportunities that allow our students to grow, provide them opportunities to explore and learn, and help them become engaged, committed members of our community.


Husband: Gabe Cabrera, Director of Proposals at MCR Federal LLC

Children: Two boys, ages 6 and 3

Professional Experience & Education:

Professional and Volunteer Experience:

  • Estes Park School District Board of Education Director

  • Professional Learning Specialist in Boulder Valley School District, Boulder, CO

  • Educator Effectiveness Manager at the Colorado Department of Education, Denver, CO from 2012 to 2019

  • Social Studies Content Specialist and Training, Field Support, and Assessment Manager at the Indiana Department of Education, Indianapolis, IN from 2010-2012

  • Social Studies Teacher, Instructional Coach, and Assistant Varsity Volleyball Coach at Avon High School, Avon, IN from 2008-2010

  • Social Studies Teacher and Varsity Volleyball Coach at Brown County High School, Nashville, IN from 2006 to 2008

  • B.S. in Education - Secondary Social Studies

  • M.S. in Educational Administration

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Courtney Cabrera for Estes Park Schools, registered agent: Courtney Cabrera

Peggy Mauerman for Estes Park School Board, registered agent: Margaret "Peggy" Mauerman

Danielle Wolf for Estes Park Schools, registered agent: Danielle Wolf